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    I just bought a 06 Jeep Wrangler, 4.0L I6 and it has started to jerk pretty violently when accelerating in low gears. Doesnt happen if I take it slow. Check engine light also came on. Is that the engine missing due to either bad fuel or air supply? Im a very novice mechanic but up for doing it myself if I can YouTube it.

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    its a stick, or automatic transmission?
    99 xj with 350k miles on it. Still runs great

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    The engine code was for a camshaft position sensor

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    Ok. 06 may have and ODPA failure without the screaming monkeys. But first the jerk.
    What rpm are you at shifting? Tire size snd rear gearing???
    The nsg370 1st gear is very low. If it has 3.73 or 3.07 rear it you can get into a cyclic jerking in 1st and 2nd. The issue is rpms, the clutch let out speed plus the driver. Here you just need-to get use to the feel and use a bit higher rpm like 1500-2k rpm when switching gears. And dont feather it too much.

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    When it jerks, just let off the gas . Leave the biscuit alone for a moment . She well smooth right out.
    Needs to go yonder.

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    Replaced the camshaft position sensor and it hasn’t happened again

    thanks all

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