1. 258 timing advance

    So I put my cj7 in a Trump parade last November. Made the 10mile drive, but at around mile 7 Big O died. How embarrassing! I pulled over and after cooling it started back up. I finished the parade and went home uneventful. Since then I havent been able to drive it more than 3 miles before it begins jerking and popping then dies. Same deal cools down and go again for short distances. Yesterday I checked timing, spot on but when I connected the vacuum advance back directly to the manifold the timing advanced off the indicator scale at idle. I moved it to the ported pickup on the carb. At idle timing remained at 8* BTDC and advances to around 15*BTDC when throttle opens. I feel confident its right now, what are your thoughts? I havent been ableto test it after making the change. Hopefully, tomorrow or Friday.
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