1. Needed Manifold Plugs

    In my 1988 YJ with I have the 4.2 engine block with the 4.0 head. The intake and exhaust manifolds are stock to the 4.2 I believe. I have nuttered the Jeep, therefore I am not using the knock sensor and coolant sensor in the intake manifold and the oxygen sensor in the exhaust manifold. I would like to remove the sensors and switches and install plugs. I am having a mess of time finding appropriate plug for these ports. Do y'all have any suggestions where I can get these plugs?Needed Manifold Plugs

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    Needed Manifold Plugs

    Couldn’t you leave the sensors in and not connect wiring? Roll up and zip tie the O2 pigtail.

    There are O2 sensor plugs. Walker brand

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    Re: Needed Manifold Plugs

    I did that prior and I am hoping for a cleaner look. I think I have found what I need, they are on order.

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