1. Radiator help needed!

    A (female ) friend of mine is asking for some help with her TJ Jeep. Since I kinda know my way around them, I said yes.

    Well, after fixing and replacing a bunch of little things, her radiator decides it wants to start leaking. LOL

    Does anyone have any first hand experience with a Mishimoto radiator? A buddy of mine has one in his Scion, and never had a problem. They say it is drop in fitment, and you can expect up to 30% cooler temps as well as a lifetime warranty. Good deal? I doubt the price which is listed on the site is what she will end up paying. Usually MSRP is higher than what you normally see for some reason.

    Jeep Wrangler Performance Aluminum Radiator TJ, 1997-2006, by Mishimoto

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    Re: Radiator help needed!

    sure.. Why not.. whats wrong with a stock replacement? thats a little on the high side for a aluminum rad that is built to stock specs. if your hell bent on getting an aluminum rad, also search Ron Davis, Griffin, and Flex-a-lite

    Lastly you better be tagging said female friend for all this work, if not... Shame on You
    It used to be a jeep Thing,
    But all that stuff broke


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    Re: Radiator help needed!

    Well, I e-mailed them about the price (as you mentioned the price) and here's what I got back from them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mishimoto E-mail
    Thanks for your reply. If you would like to get a partial sponsorship set-up, I can offer the Radiator at $300 shipped and the Silicone hose kit for $70 shipped, or $350 shipped if you wanted to purchase both as a set.

    The only thing we would ask is for you to include “Mishimoto Radiator” and “Mishimoto Hose Kit” somewhere in your signature when you are posting on the forums. This will help us to promote our new line of Jeep products.

    Also, feel free to post up on the forums about it. There may be some others possibly interested in something like this as not many other companies offer performance radiators and hose kits for the Wrangler.

    If you or anyone else has any questions, or is interested in signing up for it, have them E-mail me directly at patrick@mishimoto.com.


    Mishimoto Automotive
    I said "No problem", so I think we will be going with this one here.

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    Re: Radiator help needed!

    Quote Originally Posted by jps4jeep View Post

    Lastly you better be tagging said female friend for all this work, if not... Shame on You
    Wow... I hope my daughters never need your help. Shame on YOU.

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