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    Just got back from Vegas and what a trip! I used to live there when I was a kid (when I was about 5 years old) until the family moved to Ohio. This was my first trip back there since ('bout 28 years) and it looked exactly how I remember it - except with a bigger Strip and more casinos and hotels. We stayed at the Stratosphere and I lost about $150.00 bucks at the tables. Ate some good food, saw some great sights, but the only thing I could think about was "how cool it would be to run those mountains in my TJ"! Has anyone ever done it? What's it like? I've got family there now, so all I need is some play money and an open road....... ;-) I wouldn't mind boatin' a little on the river either. It looks like it would make for one hell of a day!

    BTW- for anyone going to Vegas for the first time, make sure you get downtown to the old school casinos like 4 Queens, the Horseshoe, etc. They do a light show each hour by the Plaza that is AMAZING!!! If you only catch one, make sure you see the midnight showing!

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    i went in early march and had a great time.... lot to do... on the jeep part we also went to the grand canyon, and sedona arizona, and took an offroad jeep tour in sedona, at the red rocks.... it was great [addsig]
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