I've got a 2008 Jeep Commander which I'm replacing the stock stereo with a Pioneer avh270BT. A few questions about the stock wiring:

1 - On the harnesses for the stock head unit, In addition to my constant 12v, ground and speaker wires, I have CAN B BUS + and -. Now, from what I've gathered, this Pioneer unit does not operate with the CAN bus. Is it safe/advisable to cap off these wires, and run new wires from the Pioneer unit to the 12v switched power, lighting switch terminal, reverse sensing, power amp and parking brake? This isn't something I WANT to do, but it seems this incompatibility is the rule. Am I wrong in thinking this unit wouldn't work off of the CAN bus?

2 - I do not have a back up camera, but do have back up assist which when activated when you're too close to an object, cuts the stereo out to replace it with a beeping. The secondary connector to the stock radio had three wires (g/br, g/r, g/wt) which I've found are the send, return and shield for a back up camera (at least that's how they're labeled on the diagram I found). Would I use these same wires for the back up assist?

I have checked with crutchfield about a harness adapter, but they don't have anything compatible with my jeep and this unit.

Thanks for the help.