I am needing help with my jeep lights.
it has the fog and auto options
i need the pinout and wire diagrams for this
i work nights and need my car to work

the problem came quick
i was working and sitting on side of street holding brake pedal while in reverse and had headlight switch in auto mode (as i always do)

my dash lights started to flicker/dim and once i started going the dash lights went out and so did my running lights

but yet when i press brake pedal they come on again while holding it (for the first 5 minutes) then after this they no longer came on at all and now the dash lights flash with my hazard lights but my running lights still do not work

even with all of this my low/high beam headlights still work fine

i have tried using manual mode on the switch but still nothing

just before this problem came up i smelt a burning smell that only lasted for about 1-3 minutes

(please tell me this is a simple fix and that i dont have to take entire dash out again)