Anyone from MS get on here?

I'm currently in Hattiesburg, but from Ocean Springs. I'm between the Burg and the Coast all the time. Been looking to join a Jeep Club.

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Still looking for some Mississippi jeepsters. I've met some interesting characters so far. One guy in Terry that stocks up and rebuilds CJ-2a's and M38's. He's fairly good at it too. I've heard of a guy in Osyka that I'd like to meet named George. I've heard that he has just about anything needed for early model jeeps.

Either one of you a part of this group?

I'm not a paid member (I keep forgetting to do so), but I am a member so I can post stuff for sale, ask questions, read the boards, attend meetings or events, etc. I think paying gets you a t shirt and the opportunity to win prizes at the monthly meetings. I've not gone to any of the meetings yet (usually in Flowood) usually because of schedule conflicts on Sun afternoons.
If anyone is doing a full rebuild like I am, let me know. I have found a pretty good machine shop and I have been trying to get some good, reliable sources around the Jackson area. I found a place that will strip, ecoat, and/or power coat frames and bodies as well as some miscellaneous parts. Not cheap but better than buying new in many instances. If anyone can recommend some good parts houses or body shops let me know.