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I recently bought my first jeep. It's a 95 wrangler, put new plugs and wires in it new oil and filter. My question is, why am I only getting like 150 miles to the tank on average? ? 5 speed 4cyc

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To answer. Be sure you are calculating mph by filling the tank driving until empty fill tank then divide miles driven in that tank by the gallons you just pumped. If you do this on less than full tank there is a lot of variability.

Second be sure if you have larger tires and or different fearing that your speedo gear is corrected. The easiest way to verify is to check between mile markers on the highway. Again drive at least 20 or better miles to get the error out.

Correct the speedo then recalculate

After that light on the skinny pedal and tire inflation.

Realize your pushing a box through the air. It's not aerodynamic.
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