Hello from Colorado!


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Another Hello from Colorado!

Hello everyone, I'm new to the site, been lurking in the shadows for a while now.


Me and the TJ


Up in Buena Vista with the trailer


Going up the trailhead to Chinamans Gulch

Looking forward to becoming active here and meeting new people. I'm in the Denver area, know a few other jeepers here, would be nice to meet a few more and go wheelin' with you.
Check my profile for a link to other pics if you want to see a few more...
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Very nice. I'm gonna have to paint my pumpkin now...

Are those trimmed factory flares, or aftermarket?
Welcome to Colorado you lucky dog.

You will find that Colorado will take a backseat to nowhere when it comes to Jeep trails. Central and western CO have the challenge level you desire.

For some ideas of where to go and what to expect there, take a look at
On the Happy Trails

It's still a fairly new sight and there will be more trails added, but there are some dandies that you will not find anywhere else. We just opened a couple of them two years ago and very few even know of them. The Calamity Mesa Loop is 20-miles of great class 7 or 7+ running that was closed for over 8 to 10 years that we can document with the BLM.

Happy Trails