Hey Everybody Awesome Place to Hang out!

Joe Demco

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Hey everybody, Ok so I've been looking for a cool place to hang out with my jeep ever since I got it and I think I've found my new hang out. I know this is my first post but hey, check this out. So, it was hosted by a company called Clarehorn.com…Idk I guess they’re a fairly new group of guys. But the jeep show was cool they gave the winner of the coolest ride $50 bucks! I didn’t win but it would’ve been pretty cool if I did, I guess they do this type of giveaway all the time. And Not only did they give $50 bucks to the winner they also had other $1 raffles that anyone could participate in. Plus they are giving away a 2door jeep Rubicon and an unlimited Rubicon
Those tickets are a bit pricier but who cares, I think its worth, win a Rubi for $200 bucks! Plus there’s only 300 tickets available for each jeep! I already have a jeep but Who cares, I wouldn't mind having 2! so, I bought a ticket for each jeep lol… who knows maybe I'll win them both
! Ya’ll should check the next one out they said they’re having one at Waxy O’Conner’s Irish Pub This coming Thursday.. Dude! a pub and jeep show?
Count me in lol

So I went to their website I guess they have a few giveaways


This is One of the Jeeps they're giving away
For anybody who’s interested, and in the area, in going they start around 1600 (4:00pm) on Thursday the 25th in the parking lot of Waxy O'Conner's 94 Hartwell Ave Lexington, MA 02421.
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