Rough country lift kit


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Well i bit the bullet and bought a RC 3.25 lift kit for my 2000 TJ. Im gonna put it on this weekend. Anyone have any tips, tricks, or things to avoid doing when i put this thing on. my local jeep dealer said they do the re-alignment for like $60. Then im putting 15x 8 Dick cepek dc-2's with 33x12.50 BFG a/t ko's

Buy a can of PB Blaster and start spraying all control arm bolts, shock bolts, belly pan bolts, track bar bolts, anything you can think of with it, at least once a day.
Firestone offers lifetime alignment, and they have a $15 off coupon on their website:
Tire & Auto Maintenance Coupons | Firestone Complete Auto Care

I ended up fighting some issues and got 3 alignments before I was done. Wish I had bought the lifetime first.

I didn't install the transfer case drop for mine. Drive yours first and see if you need it.

You may need to go back and buy more stuff depending on how things turn out. I ended up adding:
longer brake lines
adjustable front trackbar
rear trackbar bracket
but as with anything Jeep related, your mileage may vary. I had worn ball joints that showed up as death wobble once the lift was installed, and they had me chasing my tail for a while.

I haven't installed the 1.25" body lift yet - let me know how yours goes.

YA i saw the blackwalls on dc-2s the other day, gonna go that route. It was a sad day today, my dad traded his JK in to get a cargo van for the business. But he had a Congo rack for it that i can inherit! Any thoughts on the rack as far as getting the soft top down? The guys at 4WD said they tilt back to let the top down, but how much of a PITA is that?
Depending on what brand it is.Some I have seen have a thumb screw near the front windshield.Take them out and tilt it back.

This is what I found on there site.

Hinging Design: The rear of the rack is mounted on a hinged mount. This allows users to tilt the Congo Rack back to gain full and easy access to their Jeep while changing soft and hard tops.

A four point mounting system features 2 bolt on mounts on the front of the rack with 2 hinged rear mounts. This allows users to easily install or remove soft and hard tops without having to remove the roof rack.

I found this on another site.

I have the cargo master congo cage, so I can only speak about it...

The rack has pivot points on the rear mounting points and the fronts are held down with a 3/4" bolt on each side which is quickly removed and the rack tilts back allowing the soft top to be folded back.