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So I have a 98 wrangler with a 6 inch lift 35s push bar winch etc and it has the 2.5L with kinda high miles on it. I keep reading that the best best for someone who wants a 4.0 (or bigger) is just to buy it with that engine in it instead of trying to drop one in. I know you need a custom wiring harness and other stuff (dont remember off the top of my head) to make it work, but i put all that time in money into modding this i can just throw the jeep away. If anyone has any ideas just lemme know. thx!

PS. I have the 5 speed manual

easier to replace 2.5 with 2.5.
Also if an emissions testing state you have those restrictions.

the normal 'hardware*' and a PCM for4.0L. And that needs some programing.

*mounts. bolts nuts, brackets, hoses, exhaut, cooling,
Look at a v8 swap, less work and you'll be ahead performance wise.

Nothing about the 4.0L being a jeep engine makes it an easy or wise swap.
If you want cost effective modding for the 2.5L I have the stroker kit from 505 (2.9L) and race head, and the turbo kit with the gale banks water to air inter cooler kit. I've got the ax15 swap and Dayna 44 axles up front and an 06 rear axle assy with a locker (comes with 4 wheel disc and 44 axles from factory). Best I've done was get it all used using Car-Part.com--Used Auto Parts Market
Cheaper for me to do that as well as trading parts and parting out a roll over I got from auction. So I did all that and got the same giddy up as a v8. I always said I'd build the 2.5L to be different. I've been busy the past 5 years.

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