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    Question Break Caliper Swap

    I believe I read some where that the front calipers on a Grand Cherokees will fit on a TJ. The reason I'm interested in this is because the Grands Cherokees have a dual piston caliper (if I'm not mistaken) and the TJs only have a single piston. Is there really any benefit to this sort of swap if it is even possible?

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    Re: Break Caliper Swap

    IF it does fit, you might also inherit the warping issues with the rotors from the GC's. I could be wrong, but at one point in time, the calipers and rotors were being replaced to fix the issue. You are correct with the dual piston calipers on the GC's.
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    Re: Break Caliper Swap

    yes and no.

    You need to swap the WJ knuckles onto a TJ D30, it will allow for the provisions for a Hi-steer set up, you can upgrade to the WJ brakes, you will have to do some modding to get it to a 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern.
    As for ZJ parts, not sure if there is a reason to upgrade, I believe they are similar parts.
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    Re: Break Caliper Swap

    Yes... My parents 02 Grand had the rotors changed twice under warrenty. Wicked bad warping problem... and they drive like - well - parents. They never speed and never beat on the brakes. The third set of rotors has been OK. - John

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    Re: Break Caliper Swap

    '93-'98 ZJ will be similar brakes to yours, the '99+ WJ has dual pistons & will be a lot of work. Google 'WJ knuckle swap' and you will get an idea of all the work involved. IMO not worth it unless you also needed the highsteer of the WJ knuckles.

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