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    Exclamation Brake lights went out

    Both my break lights stopped working a couple days ago.

    FIRST; To get things Straight, The fuse for the break lights, behind the glove compartment, is not the problem. That's the first thing i looked at when my brake lights stopped working. Nothing burnt out.

    Both Light bulbs are bran new because i replaced them about a month before ago when one of them went out.

    (OH i forgot to mention... my reverse lights and blinkers/emergency light do work)

    Would anybody know what else to look for in solving this problem?

    Thank you very much!
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    Re: Brake lights went out

    Since you've mentioned that you already checked the #2 20 amp fuse on the fuse block, the next thing to check is the circuit itself from the multifunction connections. Try this, with your foot on the brakes, wiggle the hazard lamp switch on the steering column. If it didn't make any intermittent lamp actuation on the rear, my guess would be the brake lamp switch..You can verify this with a test lamp.. With one end of the test lamp grounded on the body, brakes are depressed,place the test lamp probe on the Wt/Tn wire coming out of the brake lamp connector. If it lights up, the switch is good. If it doesn't, Place the probe on the Pk/ Db wire and see if the test lamp lights up. If it does, replace the switch. If it doesn't the issue will be on that Pk/Db wire going to the fuse block..
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    Re: Brake lights went out

    The only thing to add to SteelHeadz's post is a large percentage of the time these kinds of problems trace back to grounding or more specifically a breakdown in the grounding of the effected system. I'm not sure where all of the ground contacts are on a TJ but check around and tighten them up.

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