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    Smile Opinion Please

    I have a 2006 Unlimited and would like to lift it and add tires I would love some opinions on what and how much to lift, and what size tires and rims to get. Where does everyone get their tires and wheels from? Love to get the experienced opinions. I would normally get my husbands opinion but he passed away last month so I hope ya'll dont mind I am trying to learn. He use to do all the work now I have to do it. Thanks Susan

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    Re: Opinion Please

    first off sorry to hear about your husband , As for lift I think you would be happy with a 2 1/2 inch lift with maybe 33 inch tires nothing to extreme but a big improvement

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    Re: Opinion Please

    Sorry to hear about your loss.

    What type of riding are you planning on? Daily driver or mostly off road? Unlimiteds look better with at least w 2.5 in lift and 33 in tires. I bought the RC 2.5 lift with the 1.25 body lift.(body lift not installed yet). I have 33X9.5 BFG AT's. I use to do some mild wheeling and mudding but not lately. This is my daily driver. If you go this way get the rear track relocation bracket and bump stops not included. Some say the RC is a hard ride but It isn't like this for me. Its like stock. Price was nice too.
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    Re: Opinion Please

    I'd like to say sorry for your loss as well Susan.

    As to your lift question, if you go higher than 2.5 it starts to get expensive. You can get 2 inches of lift by either replacing your springs, or by putting plastic spacers on top of your factory springs - either one shouldn't run more than $250 worth of parts. If you go higher than 2 inches you'll need longer control arms, brake lines and more - $600+ would be a good guess at the price of these parts

    As to tires, 33s are normally the limit for a stock drivetrain. If you go higher than 33s, you'll probably need to regear your axles (your jeep will lose power without regearing). You'll want to consider if your current rims will need to be replaced when you go to larger tires as well.

    If you plan on offroading once or twice a year I'd go with some 32 or 33" tires and a 2.5 inch budget boost (a spacer lift). You may also throw a 1 inch body lift on there to help.

    I'm in the market for some 33s myself, so let me know where you get yours from.
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    Re: Opinion Please

    X10 on sorry for your loss.
    Not sure what shops are close to where you are but there is a 4WheelParts in Nashville and Tennessee Offroad in Lebanon. There is probably a shop in Clarksville that could help you as well but I'm not familiar with these. Tennessee Offroad also has a forum, which is currently being redone, and has people all over the state that might be able to better help you find someone.

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