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Hello everyone, I am starting a new journey with the Jeep brand soon. I am purchasing a project 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 5.2 V8 with 151,000 on the clock for 300.00. It needs some work but runs and shifts fine and the body (no rust or dents) is still decent. I plan on making a trip to Texas from Arizona when I am done making this machine road worthy and dependable for the round trip. I previously owned a 1998 Ford Explorer 5.0 AWD that I enjoyed but had to sell to move to Arizona for health reasons. I always wanted a Jeep to fix up as the after market parts are more plentiful, less expensive to lift and one can not even rent a Uhaul trailer or car hauler for ANY Ford Explorer :( I am also not impressed with Fords V6 or the 4.6 V8's and transmissions either :roll: . I have worked as a custom exhaust fabricator and under car tech from 1979 until I was diagnosed with illness in 2010. Despite that set back, I am excited and looking forward to diving into (albeit in a much slower manner) my beater Jeeper project and learning from the vast amount of information this site and you gearheads can provide. :)

$300? That sounds like a heck of a deal.
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Welcome @stangit58...post a pic or two of the JGC. It will be an interesting build to read/watch the before and after results.
and enjoy the forum!