Aftermarket Taillights Stuck on Install


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Got these Hooke taillights from Amazon. No install instructions seems very simple but the lights came with a hyper flash resistor I think its called. Lights work normally when plugged in no mounting hardware was included and Hooke support was useless telling me some people need the resistors some don't. They're already wired in and can't be removed. Do I need mount them to the inside of the body or leave them loose. Not a lot of space to get a drill in there and no screws were included to mount the resistors. Thanks for the help.

Are these the taillights you're referring to:

I see one of the questions asked is this:

Screenshot 2023-01-08 174100.png

What year Jeep are you working on?
07' Wrangler JK 2DR

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07' JK. I've seen that question and got a similiar respone from Hooke, However from what I've read the resistor needs to be mounted for heat dissapation. I can't remove it can't mount and don't know if I can leave it hanging or wrap it up in electrical tape.

The resistor is for hyper flash or CAN-bus errors. You splice it in series to either the power or ground to the light. I dont think you need to wirry about heat as this should be low current draw snd low heat. If it were for a 60-80W headlight you may want to clamp it to some metal.

If you don’t have the resistor in and don’t have hyper flash you do not need it.

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Yeah it's already wired in to the light so I can't remove it without re-splicing the connection together. Guess I'll return as from what I've read if hyper flash resistors are not mounted and get really hot they could melt and start a fire. Not worth the risk having brighter rear lights.
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Yeah I get that the problem is the resistors are already wired into the plug-in for the taillights. To find out I'd have to removed them and rewire to see if they hyper flash.

You could leave them in. Worst case a second delay for the flash to start.

Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up - Jesse Jackson